June 13, 2017 | Lifestyle Communities

See Mandurah


There’s absolutely no doubting it, Mandurah is a beautiful part of the world. You could stroll the boardwalk to take in the scenery, but have you ever thought about rolling?

Wheeling Tours offers a new take on touring the area with their new-generation segways, ‘Ninebots’. The duo who run these amazing tour packages have a true love for the city, and are offering up their knowledge of the area in the most fashionable, efficient, and fun way possible. Book a tour and experience Mandurah like never before.

If you think that segways might not be your thing, then you can tour by bike or boat. Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire will have you cruising the canals at your own pace with day-long boat hire, or you could pedal the boardwalk and local area on one of their premium bicycles. With plenty of eateries, wineries, breweries and dessert bars to stop by, you can go at your own pace and discover more of what Mandurah has to offer.

Mandurah Boat

Don’t miss the Mandurah Antique and Collector’s fair, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June from 9am-3pm. Pick yourself up an antique collectable, or in true Antiques Roadshow fashion, you can even bring along your own heirlooms for appraisal (12pm-2pm daily). Items range from furniture and china to books, jewellery, and more. Admission is just $4.

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